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    Principal’s Welcome

    Dear Parent

    I firmly believe that education is the basic right of all human beings living on this planet regardless of their social background. An educated nation is democratically stable and consistent in its economic viability, what I have learnt through my passion for education for the last Three decades.

    Though the state is primarily responsible to eradicate illiteracy, this task cannot be accomplished without realization and joint endeavors by the stakeholders of our society.

    In order to enable all individuals to reach and utilize their maximum potential, education is categorically imperative. Education also combats unemployment, confirms sound foundation of social equity, awareness, tolerance and spread of political socialization and cultural vitality. To meet such challenges we all need to extend helping-hand to one another.

    I am proud of the fact that we have been able to make a remarkable contribution for quality education in Pakistan. We have, therefore, tried to share in the development of human resource capital from the general masses by providing affordable educational opportunities throughout Pakistan.

    I hope and desire that our education system should produce responsible, enlightened citizens to align Pakistan with the global framework of economic and social prosperity. I am confident that Aliph Schools will suffice this dire need of our society.

    Aliph Schools is another effort to remain on the leading role for literacy improvement in Pakistan. I therefore, welcome parents and their children to become part of Allied Schools family to grow together.

    I believe it is today we must create the world of the future.

    Sincerely yours.

    Mr. Raja Nadeem Amin , Principal


    To establish a network that imparts high quality education without discrimination.
    We aim to develop a youth who are holistically groomed and empowered to meet the challenging world head-on. Employing the latest teaching techniques, our mission is to inculcate values, moral and ethics in our students as well as grooming them for a successful future.

    To establish a network that imparts high quality education without discrimination.
    We aim to develop a youth who are holistically groomed and empowered to meet the challenging world head-on. Employing the latest teaching techniques, our mission is to inculcate values, moral and ethics in our students as well as grooming them for a successful future.

    The Aliph School offers world-class education right here in Pakistan. Established under the aegis of The Torus Academy, it is committed to providing an ideal learning environment for your child, so that they are not left behind in this rapidly-evolving world. We provide quality education from kindergarten right up till Matriculation, in efficient and well-organised schools.


    Answer :
    The students will be charged  fee at rates prescribed from time to time by the Head Office for each Academic Year. Campuses are advised not to charge over & above this and parents are also advised not to pay more than the prescribed.
    1.   Admission Fee / Admission Processing Fee
         One time Admission fee will be charged only from newly admitted students and is non-refundable. In addition to the Admission Processing Fee (Non-refundable) is also charged.
    2.   Annual Subscription Fee
         The Campus will charge Annual Subscription Fee at the start of an Academic Session.
    3.   Security Deposit
    One time Security Deposit will be charged at the time of admission. It is refundable and will only be refunded at the time of student’s Leaving the Campus by way of completion of education or withdrawal, etc.
    4.   Tuition Fee
    The school will normally charge one month Tuition Fee in advance through Fee Challan Form.
    5.   Late Fee
    The school will charge late fee from Parents/Guardian who fail to deposit Tuition Fee on time, as prescribed on the fee Challan Form.
    6.   Mode of Payment
         The parent / guardian will have to pay the Tuition Fee (or any other) to Admin Branch of Aliph School.

    Question 1: What will be the timings for toddlers?
    Answer :
    In Toddlers they will have a day schedule of three hours and in the schedule the timing will be flexible for the students.

    Question 2: What is the required age group for Pre School?
    Answer :
    The Required age group for Pre School is:
    Minimum    3 Years
    Maximum   3+ Years
    Minimum    3+ Years
    Maximum   4 Years
    Minimum    4+ Years
    Maximum   5 Years
    Minimum    5+ Years
    Maximum   6 Years

    Question 3: What will be the physical arrangements for toddler’s classroom?
    Answer :The complete instructions and layout will be provided by the Office to all operative campuses, so that they can set up Toddlers classroom and learning areas.

    Question 1: What is the homework policy?
    Answer :
    Aliph Schools has made a policy regarding homework that it would be given twice a week for core subjects and once a week for the remaining subjects. The policy is designed keeping in mind that student’s learning would be maximum in the class rather than only writing the copies at home.

    Question 2: Is project work necessary?
    Answer :
    Project work is a crucial part of students’learning at Aliph Schools. It encourages the students to engage themselves in the process of inquiry, investigation and inquisitive learning and bringing out an extended learning and research into a real world topic that is of interest to students and judged by the teachers.

    Question 3: What is meant by Continuous Assessment?
    Answer :
    Continuous Assessment means that the assessments are repeated after regular intervals of time but the syllabus of one assessment is not included in the next assessment.

    Question 4: What is the difference between continuous assessment and examination?
    Answer :
    The syllabus for assessment is not repeated in the next assessment where as in examination the whole syllabus for the term is included.

    Question 5: What do you mean by the support material?
    Answer :
    In support material we make maximum number of MCQs, fill in the blanks and short questions from the lesson to guide the teacher that such type of questions can be asked and students should be able to answer these questions. We believe that teacher should cover all the different aspects of the topic during explanation. As the name indicates it is supportive for the students to solve BISE examination papers.

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